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Thanks for submitting! An email has been sent to the clients to confirm activation. They will get activated & an Activation Email with login credentials within 24-48HRS. We will make donations monthly after processing clears and club memberships are active. Contact us for any questions or assistance to get set up.




View terms of use you CAN NOT DONATE anything less than $99 for the activation fee which is at our cost to activate the club membership. If you just want to donate and not receive the club that is also fine with us here at open travel club to meet the donation goals. Any donations under the minimum amount will be donated and no club activation will be sent to that user. All donations are final and non-refundable. We here at open travel club are donating our One Year Club trial to you for this cause. you are not receiving or being sold any goods or services. If your choose to keep your club membership after the first year there is a $299 renewal fee that goes directly to open travel club if you chose to keep the service "no auto debt must call in" or renew online.  If you chose to let me pick my amount to donate please donate accordingly to these terms, we welcome all donations large or small the goal threshold is $99-199 average donation with the club activation membership included to meet the goal by December 31, 2022. 

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