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Trial Membership Terms and Conditions

Open Travel Clubs (“Company”) is an online-based membership program known as “Open Travel Club” that provides members with savings off retail prices for any travel product or service (“Products”) offered on (“Website”). By submitting your Registration and Payment Information to be an Open  Traveler Member (“Member” and “you”), you agree to abide by these Open Traveler Membership Terms and Conditions.. The company reserves the right to change these Open Traveler Membership Terms and Conditions from time to time in its sole discretion without liability or penalty. Changes shall be effective immediately upon posting to the Website. Included in the Open Traveler Membership Terms and Conditions are the terms and conditions posted for each Product offered on the Website and those that are stated in purchase confirmations ("Product Terms").

Activation Fee. The $99-399 you pay entitles to your access to the Website for 365 days commencing on your registration date (“Effective Date”) or the anniversary of the Effective Date (each period is referred to as a “Year”) unless increased by the Company in its sole discretion (“Activation Fee”). Once paid, no portion of the Activation Fee is non-refundable, once that account is active that is not reversible for the one-year term. The company reserves the right to increase or decrease the Activation Fee, at its sole discretion. You will receive a notice by electronic mail alerting you to the pending expiration of the current Trail Club Membership and contact to see how you enjoyed your trail and if interested to continue your "Full Licensed Membership and become a Lifetime Member" also any bonus gifts or travel incentives. 

Website and Products. Members in good standing shall be entitled to use the Website and purchase any of the Products offered on the Website. The company reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion the Products offered to Members on the Website and may, without prior notice and without liability or penalty, add, modify, or discontinue third-party vendors, providers, and suppliers (collectively referred to herein as “Suppliers”). You acknowledge and agree that you have not purchased the membership in reliance on the inclusion of any specific Supplier or Product.

Product Terms. You shall be required to abide by the Product Terms established by Company and/or Suppliers and posted by Company on the Website. Product Terms include without limit, mandatory taxes, charges, and fees not included in the advertised prices, cancellation and refund policies, and check-in and check-out time. The company will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that Product Terms are complete and accurate. However, Company does not warrant that the Products Terms will always be complete or accurate and shall not be liable to Members for any direct or indirect losses incurred therefrom. The company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, alter or otherwise update the Product Terms at any time. Such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting to the Website.

Reservations/Using Products. Products are offered on a live, real-time basis from a variety of Suppliers. Therefore, availability and pricing are not guaranteed until reservations are confirmed. Reservations must be made online through the Website. All reservations are filled on a first-come, first-serve, and space availability basis. The person named in the written confirmation must be present in order to check in/obtain the goods or services.

Substitutions: In the event, that a Supplier or Product is discontinued or changed, Company will use its best efforts to honor all confirmed and/or paid reservations. However, in the event a confirmed and/or paid reservation cannot be fulfilled for any reason, Company will provide a substitution of equal or greater value. If no substitution is available or if the substitution does not satisfy the Member, a full refund of the amount paid by the Member for the reservation will be issued. In no event will a refund exceed the amount paid by the Member to Company.

Administration and Fulfillment. The company is responsible for managing memberships, administering the Website, and offering and fulfilling Products. The company reserves the right to contract with one or more third parties to perform its duties at its sole discretion. The company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to add, remove or substitute Suppliers.

Member’s Representations. Member represents, warrants, and acknowledges that (i) Member is of legal age and has the capacity to acquire the membership and use the Products; (ii) the membership cannot be resold; (iii) Member must comply with the Snazzy Traveler Membership Terms and Conditions (iv) Member will not initiate frivolous, unreasonable or fraudulent credit card chargebacks; and (v) Member shall be personally responsible for any damage to Supplier’s property.

Member Default. Any of the following shall be considered an “event of default” by Member: (a) any failure by Member to timely pay amounts due to Company; (b) falsifying Member’s Representations; (c) a material breach by Member of Open  Traveler Membership Terms and Conditions. In an event of default, Company may terminate Member’s Website access, cancel reservations, and/or retain the Annual Access Fee and any monies paid for reservations in addition to other remedies available to Company.

Membership is Non-Transferrable. Member is prohibited from assigning or transferring the membership. Products are intended for the personal use of the Member and immediate family unless specifically authorized in writing by Company.

Applicable Law. Membership and the Open Travel Clubs  Membership Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Florida  State and federal courts located in Broward County shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any claims that arise between Company and Member. Company and Member hereby waive to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law any right they may have to a trial by jury with respect to any litigation directly or indirectly arising out of, under, or in connection with this membership.

Cancellation of Membership by Company. In the event the Company terminates Member’s membership without an event of default by Member, Member’s sole remedy shall be a prorated refund of the Annual Access Fee paid to Company.

Limitation of Liability. Company shall not be liable for bodily injury, damage to personal property, theft of personal property, other damages, or losses (“Claims”) incurred by Member, Member’s family, or Member’s companions caused directly or indirectly by the actions or omissions of any Supplier or by a natural disaster, the act of God, war, terrorism, or insurrection, absent direct causation. If Company is found to be liable in connection with any Claim, damages shall be limited to the amounts paid to Company by Member pursuant to the membership. In no event shall Company be responsible for any incidental, consequential, or special damages of any kind, including without limitation, lost opportunities, even if advised of the possibility of such damages in advance and regardless of the cause of action upon which any such claim is based.

Assignment. Company may assign all or any part of its/their right, title, and interest in Open Traveler provided that such assignment shall not materially and adversely affect memberships. Upon any assignment to a third party, Company shall be completely released from all duties, claims, demands, or causes of action arising from or relating to the membership occurring after the date of such assignment.

Entire Agreement. The Membership Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between Company and you. No other representations, oral or written, may otherwise be relied upon by you. You agree that you can be contacted for future promotions, via mail, email, text, phone, answer machine, or voice mail, with new, exciting offers and promotions along with specials that will benefit you and your lifestyle. We are launching an Exciting new Brand Exclusively for the Adult over 21 crowds.   This is open to everyone who wants the 'Our Time attitude!  To Give Luxury, VIP Access that you deserve. Over the term of your Trial, you can and will be invited with no obligation to explore a whole new Look and Brand to get you innovated with your mind, body, and soul. You are open to new ideas. With  Unheard savings, pricing and deals, ideas and adventures. 

Opt-In and Out-Out:  By signing up with opentravelclubs you agree to opt-in for future promotions and or advertisements, new letters, and promotions, and to be contacted once your trial has completed by us to extend your club if applicable to a lifetime membership. You are able to opt out of emails and or texts if used at any time please follow the opt-out instructions in the advertisement. 

Agree to the privacy policy:    PRIVACY POLICY

 Contact us by email at or mail to the address below.


Open  Travel Clubs 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33068
United States

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